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Frequently asked questions

It is a wearable device with the purpose of providing emergency assistance at the push of a button. Once the button is pushed you are automatically dispatched to an emergency response representative who send emergency help directly to your location.
A Medical Alert device is ideal for anyone who would like peace of mind by getting 24-hour protection in case of medical emergency—especially older Americans who live alone, who studies show are more likely to suffer a fall at home.
Our monitoring centers ARE NATIONWIDE HANDLING EVERY REGION OF THE UNITES STATES. Remember we provide 24 hour service 7 days a week nationwide.
Yes, our systems are built to be waterproof in case of an accident happening by the pool or in the shower. We have had this component tested over and over for quality assurance.
We do not charge any upfront fees for installation or activation. We also offer you free equipment, a free lock box and free shipping with select prepaid plans and the only thing you have to pay is the cost of monthly monitoring.
There are NO long term contracts to sign and no obligation after 90 days if you feel our service is not for you. We are dedicated to making your experience with us as pleasurable as possible. This is why we don’t make our clients sign multi-year contracts like most medical alarm device companies.
If you have a fall or injury and are unable to speak to the operator for any reason after pushing your button, we will automatically send medical assistance to your location. You may also want to try our new Fall Detection Medical Alarm System with our cutting edge fall detection System we will be able to tell if you have fallen and call for help even when if you can’t.
Our Medical alarm system has a full 24 hours before it needs to be recharged, which should give you enough time to find a place to charge your medical alarm. Our units have back-up batteries with this in mind.
Absolutely, within the Unites States! With R1 Mobile, you are fully protected on the go as long as cellular/GPS coverage is available in your area.