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The R1 Mobile

R1 Mobile R1 Mobile R1 Mobile R1 Mobile R1 Mobile

Stay active and protected at home and On-the-Go

R1 Mobile is the first all-in-one mobile health, wellness and personal safety solution. R1 Mobile has the most advanced automatic fall detection, built-in GPS, and ability to collect and share personal health measurements. R1 Mobile is proactive and summons help even when you can’t.


The R1 Mobile Medical Alarm

  • Mobile on the largest cellular network – Works both inside and outside the home
  • The most advanced fall detection – Detects falls with the utmost accuracy and minimized false alarms
  • Auto-emergency aware everywhere – Designed to alert your monitoring center that you’ve fallen even if you can’t, including when you are out and about
  • More than an alert – Health and activity tracking options are available, such as location services to help find you if you cannot respond with your location
  • Unobtrusive – Wear discretely on a belt, or around your neck on a lanyard
  • Automatic fall detection with 3D sensors and cloud-based fall detection analysis.
  • Compatible with optional personal miniature size pendants and wrist button.
  • Integrates wirelessly to a variety of personal medical devices and shares readings automatically.
  • Instructive voice prompts and 2-way voice communication.
  • GPS and mobile network location services.
  • Durable and shatter-resistant from 6.5 feet.
  • Highly water-resistant; designed to be worn in the shower or bath.
  • 36-hour battery life.
  • Small and comfortable: 2.6” x 1.6” x .75”.
life1 Falldown
life1 lockbox
life1 lockbox
  • Connects with miniature personal one-button long range transmitters (optional).
  • GPS and mobile network location-based services.
  • Instructive voice prompts.
  • Audio: full duplex speakerphone, communication up to 1 meter from device.
  • Manual alert: touch button activates voice call and data transfer to call center.
  • Durable: shatter-resistant from 6.5 feet (IK06).
  • Highly water-resistant: designed to be worn in the shower or bath (IPx7 rating).
  • 36-hour battery life.
  • Dimensions: 2.6” x 1.6” x .75” (without clip).

The R1 Home

R1 Home R1 Home R1 Home R1 Home R1 Home

Total home security and personal safety solution

The R1 Home brings forth a new, scalable next generation Personal Emergency Reporting System. R1 Home, leveraging Linear PERS legacy and integrating with 2GIG home control sensors, develops a smart home, personal security and safety ecosystem with options to suit your independent living.


The R1 Home Medical Alarm

  • Anywhere in the Home – Completely wireless personal security solution (with land line or cellular module) with personal transmitter range up to 1000 ft.
  • Smart Home Hub – Summons help even if you can’t press the button.
  • Variety of Wearables – Automatic Fall Detection to summon help when you can’t. Personal Help Button to summon help on demand .
  • Great Audio Features – Two-way voice capability provides speakerphone capability with powerful speaker for home coverage.
  • Optional Capabilities – Cellular module with OTA programming enables wireless connection. Remote speaker microphone enables system to act as a remote speakerphone.
  • Easy to see at night iluminated help button.
  • Input telephone jack, USB port, proprietary connectors for modules.
  • No external antenna.
  • Help, Clear, Home, Power Off indicators.
  • 24 hours Back-up Battery.
  • Dimensions 6.4 in L * 6.3 in W * 2.75 in H.
  • Regulatory FDA compliant, UL 1635, UL 1637.
life1 pendant
life1 lockbox
life1 lockbox
  • 2-way voice capability with mobile terminated voice cap.
  • Extended range coverage, family can talk to you even if you cant get to a phone or pendant.
  • Up to 1000 ft transmitter range without antenna.
  • RF Frequency 345 MHz.
  • Dual diversity Receiver.
  • OTA Upgradable Firmware.
  • Local Programming USB Port.
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